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Start/finish line modules

Attractive alternative signage at the start and/or finish areas of sporting event races. Vertical prism of D25 Kg/m3 polyurethane foam, with a 580 gr/m2 PVC, printable canvas cover. This versatile signage offers a double functionality; on the one hand, an excellent advertising support to indicate the start and finish lines of a race, and, on the other hand, protection against possible impacts. It is used almost exclusively in ski resorts. Fixing to the ground is achieved using flaps sewn onto the perimeter of the base and stakes. Custom manufacturing available. It is possible to apply any type of printing, thanks to our own in-house printing service.

Technical characteristics

Start/Finish line inflatable arch

Designed to create a great visual impact at start and finish lines, or to mark the different kilometre stages in sporting event races. Manufactured in the shape of an oversized archway for the athletes to pass through during the race. Made of fully printable, 580 gr/m2 PVC canvas, with eight anchoring points for both floor and vertical supports, together with a hose on one of its feet to connect the inflator. It is an excellent advertising support, on which we will also delimit strategic points in the race. Easy to carry once stored. Custom manufacturing available. It is possible to apply any type of printing, thanks to our own in-house printing service.

Technical characteristics

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We manufacture sports equipment, and sometimes, ideas arise that, at first sight, seem impossible. For that reason, in addition to designing for manufacture, we also manufacture to designs, in a flexible, efficient, and cost-competitive way in order to make ideas into reality, and to create the impossible.


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