Your partner for sports equipment

Your partner for sports equipment
Colchoneta deportiva
Sports mats
Túnel vestuario
Classic players` tunnel: our most popular model with its trademark finish
Cortina electrica
Electric folding curtain
TS-10 is the perfect product for manufacturing high performance sports protections.

Main Categories

Players` tunnels are the simplest, most affordable, and quickest way to create a covered access. Their easy handling, bellows or accordion-style retracting and extending and lightness make these aluminium profile structures with PVC canvas the perfect choice every time.       

An effective and quick solution to create spaces inside a sports hall is buy using dividing curtains. They are adaptable to any requirement, and we offer models for motorised lifting or manual lateral movement.

We manufacture protection for structural elements (columns, pillars, walls, basketball hoops, goals, etc), and other potentially dangerous elements in snow sports, cycling, basketball, athletics, football, motorcycling, or gymnastics, as well as entrapment, falls to different or the same level by means of tarpaulins for stands, or pit and swimming pool covers.

We offer a wide variety of floorings designed for sports activities such as martial arts, climbing or gymnastics, and also for children`s spaces. They are an excellent, easy-to-install solution if you are looking for safety, convenience and versatility.

At Tatamsport, we have a wide range of marquees at your disposal. Designed with your convenience in mind, our functional, foldable PVC canvas or polyester marquees will provide you with an easy-to-assemble, cosy, protected and waterproof space. Our marquees are manufactured using high quality materials that are resistant and durable and can be used for all types of events.

We manufacture sports mats for gyms and sports facilities from foam of different densities and thicknesses, with PVC coating and zip fasteners. In addition to our mats, we produce landing areas for elite high jumping and pole vaulting.

We make made-to-measure, customised, and high-quality psychomotricity materials in polyester, PVC, and foam. These include steps, ramps, prisms, circles, and cylinders together with psychomotricity kits for kindergartens, schools, children`s spaces, outdoor activities and ski resorts.

We produce all types of signage on opaque, micro-perforated PVC canvas for sports facilities, industry, and the building sector. Our many years of experience guarantee perfectly finished either for advertising hoardings or signage for ski events.

Product Categories

Players` Tunnel

This is the most used players` tunnel for widths of 4m or less. It features 43 x 35 extruded profiles for the arches. Manufactured to client specifications with the possibility of replacing the canvas panels between the arches individually.

Magnum Players` Tunnel

This is the most practical players` tunnel for widths equal to or greater than 4m and less than or equal to 6m, with 58x45mm extruded arch profiles. Made-to-measure, with the possibility of replacing the canvas panels between the arches individually.

Electric folding curtain

The electric folding indoor curtain for sports halls, industrial buildings or exhibition centres is the best-selling model due to its great versatility and easy installation. A robust system made of high-quality and durable materials.

Electric Acoustic Curtain

The electric acoustic indoor curtain, for sports halls, industrial buildings and exhibition centres, consists of a robust system of two PVC screens with a separation of 30cm to increase their durability and dampen and absorb sound, and improve the acoustic conditions of the sports facility.

Basic Sports Mat

A sports mat that combines simplicity and quality. It is made of 580 gr/m² canvas, in a single colour, in different sizes, and with various densities of padding for diverse sports and recreational uses.

Classic Sports Mat

A classic sports mat of the highest quality, durability, and an optimum finish. Manufactured from 580 gr/m² PVC canvas in different colours, with a zipped opening for foam and/or padding replacement. It is especially suitable for use in schools due to its slip resistance.

Cylindrical Sports Protection

Using our exclusive “TS-10” material, we manufacture high-performance cylindrical protection that can absorb the energy of strong impacts in sports facilities and ski resorts thanks to their mechanical properties and elasticity.

The Company

We are a brand made by and for people. We manufacture and design sports equipment for outdoor tracks, sports halls, athletics stadiums and ski resorts, as well as highly unique products for events.

Well-made, resistant, and safe products that are coherent with the environment in which they are employed, as well as being convenient to use which ensures a perfect experience when used in school and competitive sports alike.

Would you like to know more?


Yes, we can adapt our protections to any client requirements.

Yes, we offer canvas in a wide range of colours and signage systems for customisation.

We use a wide range of paddings which comply with the UNE-EN 12503-4 impact standard.

The elements used in the manufacture of our standard classic and basic tunnels are exactly the same. The difference lies in the saving made in the production phase of two elements, which results in our basic standard model being less expensive, but with the same features and quality as the classic model. Visually, the cloth panels in the classic model are tighter than in the basic model.

To calculate the price of a curtain, it is necessary to know the length of the space to be covered and the required height.

Los elementos usados en la fabricación de nuestros túneles estándar clásico y básico son exactamente los mismos. La diferencia radica en el ahorro en la fase de producción de en un par de artículos haciendo que nuestro modelo estándar básico sea más económico, pero con las mismas prestaciones y calidad que el clásico. Visualmente, en el modelo clásico, los paños quedan más tensos que en el básico.

Si, disponemos de una amplia gama de colores de lonas y sistemas de rotulación para personalizar las mismas.

Para calcular el precio de una cortina será necesario saber la longitud del espacio a cubrir y la altura necesaria.

Si, adaptamos nuestras protecciones a las necesidades del cliente.

Disponemos de una amplia gama de rellenos cumpliendo con la normativa al impacto UNE-EN 12503-4

Si, disponemos de una amplia gama de colores de lonas y sistemas de rotulación para personalizar las mismas.

Disponemos de una amplia gama de rellenos cumpliendo con la normativa al impacto UNE-EN 12503-4

Si, disponemos de una amplia gama de colores de lonas y sistemas de rotulación para personalizar las mismas.

Why choose TatamSport?


We are manufacturers of sports equipment, and in addition to designing for manufacture, we manufacture to design in a flexible, efficient, and cost-competitive way in order to turn ideas into realities.

Quality and Value

We are passionate about technical excellence, our attention to detail and the anticipation of satisfying customer confidence. We build safe, user-friendly sports equipment products, using only the best materials and technology to achieve optimum quality.

Design and Innovation

Everything we do is done with people in mind. We are constantly pushing ourselves to find practical, simple, and useful sports equipment solutions that meet the demands made of the business, and which are guaranteed to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Guarantee and Safety

We stand for meticulous attention to detail and conscientious workmanship. We strive to make our sports equipment products stand out and be one-of-a-kind.

Only in that way can we create surprises, smiles and strong emotional bonds.