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Sports signage

Essential when it comes to attracting an individual's attention, either to announce, warn or simply point out an action or danger. We create all types of signage on opaque, or micro-perforated PVC canvas supports. Our experience and quality guarantee the perfect finish. Essential for ski slope signs, sports facilities, industry, construction sites and all types of advertising supports. It is possible to apply any type of printing or lettering thanks to our own in-house printing service.

Outdoor advertising

The perfect support for creating a direct message to the client. We try to attract the maximum possible attention with the most concise text or image. Full signage and manufactured to client specifications.

Their great versatility makes them ideal for use on ski slopes, sporting events and industrial units, etc.

For perfect signage, we will take into account such important factors as colour (striking, vivid and contrasting with each other to attract attention) and durability (we avoid fading as much as possible using both fabrics and inks with high UV protection and durability, through our high quality manufacturing).

It is possible to apply any type of printing or lettering thanks to our own in-house printing service.

Technical characteristics

Start/finish line signalling

The ideal option to signal the start or finish of a sporting event. The aim is to manufacture highly visual and attractive elements, with printing and customising to client requirements. Perfect for demarcation on ski slopes and all other kinds of races, or sporting events.

Made of special fabrics to withstand UV rays and prevent fading.

Custom manufacturing available.

It is possible to apply any type of printing, thanks to our own in-house printing service.

Technical characteristics

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We manufacture sports equipment, and sometimes, ideas arise that, at first sight, seem impossible. For that reason, in addition to designing for manufacture, we also manufacture to designs, in a flexible, efficient, and cost-competitive way in order to make ideas into reality, and to create the impossible.


We are passionate about technical excellence, the exclusive attention to detail, and the excitement of satisfying the confidence our clients have in us. We construct sports equipment products that are safe and user friendly, and we only use the finest materials together with the best technology to achieve optimal quality.


Everything we do is done with people in mind. We always consider the challenge of how to create sports equipment that is practical, simple and useful, which can cover the demands of the business, and meet the challenges of our clients.


We believe in meticulous attention to detail, and in thorough work. We want our sports equipment products to stand out and be unique. Only in that way will we create surprise, smiles and strong emotional ties.