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TS-10 is the optimum product for the manufacture of high- performance sports protection.


Exclusive material for the manufacture of high-performance sports protection for sports facilities and ski resorts. It is capable of absorbing strong impacts due to its mechanical resistance and elasticity.

Benefits of TS-10

Impact absorption. Its unique structure of separate extruded polyethylene tubes provides a superior response to impacts.

Water absorption. As the raw material is polyethylene, there is virtually zero water assimilation.

Lightweight. The gaps between the cannulas enable better impact absorption and reduce the overall weight of the protection.

Long-term durability. Its antiparasitic properties and minimal water impregnation ensure a longer service life than polyurethane.

Percentage of water absorption (after 24 hour-immersion)

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Landing TS-10 EN

Results of impact absorption test for TS-10 on mats.

Conclusions of impact absorption test for TS-10.

From all the references analysed average deceleration values of below 40g were obtained, which is the limit established by the UNE-EN 12503-1:2013 standard, for both Type 3 and Type 4 mats.

As a result, it can be concluded that the mats analysed meet the maximum deceleration requirement specified in UNE-EN 12503-1:2013 for impact tests in compliance with UNE-EN 12503-4:2017 pertaining to the type of mat indicated in each reference.

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