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  • Folding Tent with aluminum structure. Two people to open and close in minutes. Ability to print all or part. Perfect for publicity events. Equipped with carrying pouch.Available sizes: 3.00 x 3.00 to 4.00 x 4.00 to 3.00 x 4.50 to 6.00 x 3.00

  • Fully demountable metal frame. Plasticized canvas (PVC coated polyester fibre) colors selected.Rotulación to choose. Transparent celluloid areas.These tents may be dragged with sonw bikes or machines without dismatling them. Measurements 2,50 x 2,20. Equiped with snow anchorage and rings screwed to the frame to hold the tent down in very windy...

  • Anodized aluminium frame. Foldable. Equipped with tensing system between arches to keep the canvas taut. Colou choice. Rotulacion to choose. With transparent celluloid areas. Also equipped with wheels for use both in summer ans in winter. Ideal for both start and finish. Partial replacement of canvas posible. Equipped withmtotal or partial zip opening and...

  • Colouring to mark the placing of the poles.  Red and Blue bottle. 1L REFERENCE:  500065 RED COLOURING REFERENCE: 500066 BLUE COLOURING

  • Fully demountable alluminiun frame. Plasticized canvas (high resistance PVC coated polyester fibre). Coloured choice. Rotulación to choose. Optional transparent celluloid area. Four curtains included with each tent to enable complete closing off. Variety of uses. The joining system used gives a good close fit between the curtains as well between curtains...

  • Made in plastic canvas (polyester fiber coated with PVC). Color choices. Labeling to choose, with rings to set banners labeled and not to label directly. Eight anchor points to tie the bow to the snow. Access to the interior of the arc to enter the air pump inside and have no external constraints. Electric Pump with protective housing and handles....

  • Manufacturated in perforated and plasticized canvas (high resistance PVC coated polyester fibre). Banner may be provided with side fastenings for vertical banners. On request. REFERENCE:  500062

  • All these models are equipped with an articulation system designed for receiving with a key enabling the stake to be placed in the hardest snow

  • JOINTED STICKS:  Base length 34 - Diameter 58mm. Length of tube with 35mm or 36 foam protection. REFERENCE:  500015 - Colour RED REFERENCE:  500016 - Color BLUE UNJOINTED GIANT STICK:  Small point, fully polycarbonated.Diameter 30mm. Length 1,75m REFERENCE:  500017 - Colour RED REFERENCE:  500018 - Colour BLUE

  • Steel key for jointed snowboard stakes. REFERENCE:  500019

  • TUBES: REFERENCE: 500020 (For REF: 500005-500007) RED REFERENCE: 500021 (For REF: 500006-500008) BLUE REFERENCE: 500022 (For REF: 500001-500003) RED REFERENCE: 500023 (For REF: 500002-500004) BLUE REFERENCE: 500024 (For REF: 500009) RED REFERENCE: 500025 (For REF: 500010) BLUE SCREW ON BASE: REFERENCE: 500026 - Diameter 58mm base REFERENCE: 500027 -...

  • REF: 500028 - Joint for REFS: 500005 - 500006 - 500007 - 500008 REF: 500029 - Joint for REFS: 500001 - 500002 - 500003 - 500004 - 500015 - 500016 REF: 500030 - Non slip stars for 30mm tubes. REF: 500031 - Foam protection for REF: 500015 - 500016 REF: 500032 - Steel key for stakes REF: 500033 - Adhesive numbers for gate (1-75)

Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items