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  • Formed by a special carpet made for gymnastics on a low density foam of 36 mm. thick. Presented in 2 m.. rolls. Ability to provide it with a fret perimeter of another color, serving as a safety line With the same construction as the floor covering (polyethylene + carpet), we have mats or to use separately or to form a complete area.We have the ideal...

  • Manufactured with 100% polyamide Bayer.Thin pile. Minimal abrasion.Double base of natural jute.Fireproof M3Antistatic, antiparasitic.Wide range of colors.Ref TPGR-1 13 x 13 m.Ref TPGR-2 14 x 14 m.Ref TPGR-3 16 x 16 m.With greca (professional), heat the back,getting a surface bicolor.Ref TPGR-2G 14 x 14 m. (fret 50 cm.)Ref TPGR-3G 16 x 16 m. (fret 1...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items